We'd like to educate you a little bit about window tint so you know more information on different types of window film before you decide where is you place to go and get your windows tinted.

Here are some types of window film: 

-Dyed Window tint: is a film that's good if you're on a budget, it gives you some sun protection but not as much as other films. It fades easier and you'll have to change it over time

-Metalized Window tint: Is similar to the dyed film but it uses metallic particles to block sunlight instead of using dye which makes it a little better and makes it kind of like shatter-resistance, but unfortunately it's metalizes particles sometimes makes interference with your radio or other electronic equipment in your car

-Carbon Window Tint: this film has a matte finish which makes it look great, its carbon particles make it have a heat rejection of around 40% compared to the before mentioned films which makes it great and keeps your car  feel cooler and also helps protect the interior of your car for longer car because it has a 99% UV protection. 

-Ceramic window tint: If you're looking for high quality and the best protection for your vehicle and for you this film is the one. Because of it's features it's a more expensive film because it can block from 50% to 80% the sun heat depending on the brands and percentage of the film and it also protects 99% from UV harmful rays. 

Now that you know a little bit of the window film you can know what we can get from us.

We offer a high quality Carbon and ceramic window film that comes with a lifetime warranty, offers a 99% UV protection and comes in a choice of 5-70% tint percentage. We don't use dyed film which is often cheap material and easy to fade over a period of time and you have to replace quick. 

Don't let price makes you decide, cheap is not always the best option.